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Bicycing Events, 1884

Unique personal scrapbook, including clippings, programs, ribbons, photographs and other ephemera related to bicycle clubs compiled by the prominent long-distance bicyclist and Philadelphia executive, 1884.

Creator: Kohler, Frank W.

Charles A. Poulson Philadelphia Scrapbooks, 1822-1865

Contains dated textual and illustrated newspaper clippings dated describing the history, society, built environment, and political climate of Philadelphia, ca. 1830s-ca. 1860.

Creator: Poulson, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1789-1866.
Extent: 2.08 linear feet, 11 volumes

Collection of Portraits scrapbook, ca. 1852-ca. 1885

Contains printed portraits of prominent colonial figures, including participants in the Continental Congress, ca. 1852-ca. 1885.

Creator: Rosenthal, Max, 1833-1918

Engravings by William Humphrys, ca. 1817-ca. 1844

Album of engravings by the line engraver trained in Philadelphia.

Creator: Humphrys, William, 1793-1865

John Serz Scrapbook, ca. 1842-ca. 1893

Religious and historically-themed prints by the Philadelphia engraver of banknotes, portraiture, and landscapes, ca. 1842-ca. 1893.

Library Company of Philadelphia Scrapbook, 1818-ca. 1934

Contains the correspondence of the librarian and photographs of our first building (Fifth & Library streets), 1818-ca. 1934.

Library Company of Philadelphia scrapbook, ca. 1865-ca. 1971

Newspaper clippings, photographs, magazine articles, documents referring to membership, exhibitions, items on loan to other institutions, fund raising, etc.

Mary Rebecca Darby Smith scrapbooks, ca. 1782-ca. 1887

Contains prints, photographs newspaper clippings, sketches, and watercolors; Philadelphia, national and international subject matter.

Creator: Smith, Mary Rebecca Darby, 1814-1886
Extent: .75 linear feet, 5 volumes

Memories of the home of Grandma Lewis, 1896

Philadelphia merchant family history album containing textual passages, watercolors, and fabric swatches, 1896.

Creator: Lewis, Anne C., 1831-1898

Nature Prints of Leaves, 1731-1744

Rare albums created by Philadelphia merchant, botanist, and associate of Benjamin Franklin, 1731-1744.

Creator: Breintnall, Joseph, d. 1746
Extent: 2 volumes

Old houses and stores with memorabilia, 1900

Philadelphia merchant family album containing hand-written accounts enhanced by numerous photos, watercolors, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera, 1900.

Creator: Lewis, George Albert, 1829-1915

Portrait Prints and Boxiana album, ca. 1804-ca. 1831

Volume of portraits of prominent British ministers bound with "Boxiana or Sketches of Antient [sic] and Modern Pugilism (1829), ca. 1829.

Scrapbook of Engravings, Lithographs, and Photographs, ca. 1832-ca. 1868

Contains predominately landscape and genre prints in addition to six photographs of the Philadelphia area, mid-19th century.

Creator: Godley, H. Miss (?)

Scrapbook of Greeting Cards, Menus, Invitations, etc., ca. 1877-ca. 1890

Also includes place cards, talley cards, game cards such as "Progressive Conversation, train schedules and menus, several with unique die cut shapes, ca. 1877-1890.

Creator: Harris, Minnie Campbell

Scrapbook of Greeting Cards, Programs, etc., ca. 1876-ca. 1892

Also contains dance cards, programs, menus, and tickets, including ephemera from the Centennial Exhibition and events at the Academy of Music, ca. 1876-1892.

Creator: Harris, Minnie Campbell

Scrapbook of Prints, ca. 1820-ca. 1852

Predominantly sentimental and religious themed lithographs, including a rare print for the Manchester Print Works by premier Philadelphia lithographer P.S. Duval, ca. 1820-ca. 1852.

Scrapbook of Trade Cards, Holiday Cards, etc., ca. 1885-ca. 1889

Scrapbook of Trade Cards, Tickets, and Other Ephemera, ca. 1821-ca. 1894

Scrapbook with periodical illustrations, comic valentines, and patent medicine advertisements, ca. 1869-ca. 1890, bulk 1880-1890

Eccentrically-arranged scrapbook predominantly containing newspaper clippings, patent medicine almanac advertisements, and comic valentines. Also contains scraps, trade cards, and labels. Clippings, many published in the sensational periodicals “National Police Gazette” and “Days' Doings” primarily depict illustrations of murders and violence, crimes and punishments, human curiosities, animal attacks, human peril, women in distress, evocative theatrical performances, acts of daring, cross dressing and comic scenes in silhouette.

Silhouette Album

May 1804.

Creator: Townshind, Barbara A.

Specimens Album

Scrapbook of print specimens and proofs probably compiled by a printer associated with the Philadelphia lithographic firm Stein & Jones. Contains book and periodical plates and illustrations; sheet music covers; proof prints; collecting cards; trade cards (several glossed); bank notes, checks, billheads, and receipts; certificates; advertising calendars; and chromolithographed labels and scraps, ca. 1852- ca. 1876.

Creator: Stein & Jones

Specimens Album Loose Prints, ca. 1860 - ca. 1898

Collection of loose prints from a specimen album probably compiled by a printer associated with the Philadelphia lithographic firm Stein and Jones. Contains chromolithographic art supplements and advertising specimens; proof sheets; checks, bank notes billheads, and receipts; trade cards and labels; vignette specimens; proof sheets; and illustrations.

Creator: Stein & Jones