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Amateur Newspapers and Journals Collection

Short runs and single issues of 19th-century self-published newspapers. Mostly 1870s.

Arthur Power Dudden collection of railroad, steamboat, and omnibus passes, 1865-1876

Documents the travels of Charles J. Clarke family between 1865 and 1875.

David Doret Ephemera Collection

Primarily Centennial-related items in addition to certificates, late 19th century.

McAllister Family Collection

Correspondence, original and transcribed, receipts, certificates, Library Company membership shares, 19th century.

Michael Zinman Blank Forms Collection

Pre-1801 printed legal forms.

Michael Zinman Ephemera Collection

Reflects American social and economic development, with an emphasis on the book trades, 19th century.

Michael Zinman Raised Letter Publications

Samples of mid-19th-century raised letter printing for the blind.

Michael Zinman World's Fairs Collection

Lantern slides, lithographs, chromolithographs, engravings, textiles, trade cards, and souvenir booklets. Includes the Centennial Exhibition, 1851-ca. 1920.

Roughwood Collection

Broadsides, certificates, songs and prayers reflecting Pennsylvania, German American folk culture. Mostly 19th century.

"Things Found in Books" Collection

Various items found inserted in the Library Company's collection of books. Includes holy cards, paper dolls, stamps, clippings, tickets, ribbons, plants, etc., 19th century.

Creator: Library Company of Philadelphia