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Albums & Scrapbooks

Helen Beitler Ephemera Collection

Collection of illustrated ephemera, primarily trade cards, envelopes, receipts, letterheads, billheads, and labels, for predominantly Pennsylvania businesses and trades.

Library Company of Philadelphia Menus and Culinary Ephemera Collection

Material related to Philadelphia restaurants. Also includes announcements and invitations, mid-19th century.

Library Company of Philadelphia Miscellaneous Ephemera Collection

Material related to Philadelphia area institutions including announcements, trade cards, programs, receipts, tickets, religious tracts, circulars, ballots, certificates, and newspaper clippings.

McAllister Collection of Civil War Era Printed Ephemera, Graphics and Manuscripts

The John A. McAllister Collection is as massive as it is diverse. At its core are tens of thousands of examples of printed ephemera, most from the Civil War years, including ca. 600 recruiting posters, as well as newspapers, political broadside and leaflets, tickets, trade cards, cartoons, and a complement of ribbons, buttons and other ephemeral items constituting the largest such collection documenting the Philadelphia home front.

Postcard Collection

Depicts Philadelphia businesses, institutions, landmarks, historic residences, and neighborhoods, ca. 1890-ca. 1950.

The Rose and Leon Doret Collection of Business Ephemera

Printed ephemera related to American business and commerce. The core of the Doret collection, and the material that is digitized, consists of over 150 pieces of printed advertising ephemera sent by suppliers of stationery and related products to the Philadelphia firm John C. Clark from 1866 to 1868. Products represented include writing inks, papers, envelopes, pens, sealing wax, rubber stamps, embossing stamps, adhesives, twine and twine holders, pens and pencils, and many other items "in the stationery line." In addition to the material on ImPAC, the collection also includes printed business forms (such as deed transfers, bills of lading, and insurance certificates) and various types of advertising such as trade catalogues, circulars, and broadsides. More...

Silhouette Collection

Collection of over 1,000 silhouettes, including the portrait of African American silhouettist Moses Williams, and hundreds stamped Peale Museum, ca. 1800s-ca. 1830s.

Stereograph Collection

The Print and Photograph Department's collection of about 3,000 stereographs, including the Raymond Holstein Stereograph Collection, predominately contains images published and distributed in or of Philadelphia. The photographs mainly portray commercial and residential street scenes, particularly Market and Chestnut streets; religious, public, financial, and industrial buildings and institutions; and historic and prominent landmarks as well as a small selection of non-Philadelphia views. More...

Trade Card Collection

Augmented collection of advertisements for 19th-century Philadelphia businesses originally compiled by Philadelphia Jewish socialite Emily Phillips, ca. 1860-ca. 1880s.

William H. Helfand Comic Valentine Collection

Satirizes professional, ethnic, and gender stereotypes, late 19th century.

William H. Helfand Popular Medicine Collections

Various media, including trade cards, circulars, stationery, letter and billheads, and paper bags, documenting the history of popular medicine and advertising. Bulk 19th century.

Miscellaneous Collections