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Philadelphia on Stone Biographical Dictionary of Lithographers

The Philadelphia on Stone Biographical Dictionary of Lithographers contains the biographies of over 500 artists, lithographers, printers, and publishers who worked in commercial lithography in Philadelphia between 1828 and 1878. Historically prominent lithographers, such as Childs & Inman, P. S. Duval, Thomas Sinclair, and Wagner & McGuigan; lesser known figures, such as Alphonse Bigot, John F. Finkeldey, and Thomas Hunter; and journeyman who sustained the trade are included among the men and women described. In conjunction with the Philadelphia on Stone Digital Catalog, researchers now have access to the most comprehensive resource for research of 19th-century commercial lithography in Philadelphia. More...

Philadelphia on Stone Digital Catalog

The Philadelphia on Stone Digital Catalog contains over 1300 lithographs, related ephemera, and prints documenting Philadelphia commercial lithography between 1828 and 1878 derived from the surveys conducted at eight collaborating institutions between May 2007 and May 2010. Lithographs listed in Nicholas Wainwright’s Philadelphia in the Romantic Age of Lithography (1958), lithographs not listed in Wainwright portraying the built environment of Philadelphia, and advertisements for and printed views of Philadelphia lithographic establishments form the core content of the records and images contained in this catalog. More...

Dates: 1828-1878
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Wainwright Lithograph Collection

Wainwright Lithograph Collection

Features 285 of the lithographic prints described by Nicholas B. Wainwright in his book Philadelphia in the Romantic Age of Lithography: An illustrated history of early lithography in Philadelphia with a descriptive list of Philadelphia scenes made by Philadelphia lithographers before 1866 (Philadelphia: The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1958) held by the Library Company.